Check Your Ballot: LA County Ballot May Have Printing Error | NBCLA

The county is calling it a printing error, so here’s what you need to look for and how the problem is being resolved. Gordon Tokumatsu reported on NBC4 News on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020.
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  1. Chief Longwood

    Chief Longwood

    14 天 前

    Democrats cheat goin to vote in person Trump 2020!

  2. Raw LA news

    Raw LA news

    14 天 前

    Mmhhh very strange since Woodland Hills has a lot of trump supporters

  3. Daniel Starkey

    Daniel Starkey

    14 天 前

    I wonder how much trump paid the person to do that.

  4. Hector Ivan

    Hector Ivan

    14 天 前

    Printing errors??? Yeah right !

  5. Rob Lee

    Rob Lee

    14 天 前

    Mmm yes me2 👅🙌🔥🍒lloll



    14 天 前

    Democrats are going to vote for you so you don't need to

  7. Ron Figg

    Ron Figg

    14 天 前

    Fraud everywhere!

  8. NPC _

    NPC _

    14 天 前

    LOL @ everyone that is voting by mail because the democrats told you to.

  9. runner girl

    runner girl

    14 天 前

    I received my ballot yesterday. It's good to go. I checked.✔

  10. Sati Upekkha

    Sati Upekkha

    14 天 前

    Very suspicious "error."

  11. hooker911


    14 天 前


  12. iga ninja

    iga ninja

    14 天 前

    Thanks for the advice. Mine had them. Im No longer voting by mail. Ca cant do anything correct

  13. jake liu

    jake liu

    14 天 前

    Trump is right! The whole thing is fault, the remove the president lol

    • dereksjourney


      14 天 前

      You wish...

  14. Manuel López Obrador

    Manuel López Obrador

    14 天 前

    ...Fake News are very dangerous for our democracy and we all know the they lie cheat and stole music speak sports Atlantic's speak where are the future history blocks heroes the history haven't written yet we need more heroes Don't be quiet as a rock Callan como momias