Hundreds of Homes Could Be Destroyed in 605 Freeway Project | NBCLA

It’s still early in the proposal process, but hundreds of homes in Downey could be taken out to widen the 605 Freeway. Ted Chen reports Oct. 7, 2020. More:
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  1. billie sue

    billie sue

    6 天 前

    What a blessing, let the state buy your home at fair market value, which is F-in obscene there, Then move out of the shithole called California



    12 天 前

    This works in direct opposition to the High Speed Rail Project .

  3. Boosted Daily

    Boosted Daily

    13 天 前

    Nimodo , eminent domain. Write that check.

  4. Michael Milken

    Michael Milken

    13 天 前

    The only freeways that need expansion in CA are the ones heading East to another state. The 605 was going to be expanded back in Governor Brown's first tenure in office and he sold off the land the state had acquired as a temporary solution to a budget shortfall.

  5. Justin Thompson

    Justin Thompson

    13 天 前

    Reporter wearing a mask outside. End the communist propaganda now. He is outside.

  6. chris Barnett

    chris Barnett

    14 天 前

    Demolish the homes. Theyre old and we need to update our freeways. Its not a race issue. This chick calls this violence. I bet shes a dumbocrat.

  7. Lihi HonGan

    Lihi HonGan

    15 天 前

    Here is the answer for people who bitched about why don’t we have high speed railroad here...

  8. Nathaniel Austin

    Nathaniel Austin

    15 天 前

    This is going to happen everywhere to everyone that lives by a interstate, don't let it be an airport.

  9. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe

    15 天 前

    Ok. She, unfortunately, is not well spoken. However her heart is in the right place. It's not violence but it is somebody's home and community. How much more will the government take from its citizens? Are they not allowed even to own a home anymore? How many lanes will finally be enough? Perhaps it's time to research alternative forms of mass transportation.

  10. deathvalleyalex


    15 天 前

    Why wasn't the 710 freeway connection to the 210 freeway ever done? I guess the rich folks in Pasadena have more clout than the people of Downey and Norwalk ?

  11. Xavi Jay Sanchez

    Xavi Jay Sanchez

    15 天 前

    I remembered the building of the 105 freeway. Thousands and thousands of homes in a poor area were destroyed! My elementary was destroyed!

  12. Thomas Horngacher

    Thomas Horngacher

    16 天 前

    More lanes = more traffic More roads are not the solution for heavy traffic, only alternatives to drive everywhere for everything can help. This means -good- public Transit, bike lanes and to stop suburban sprawl. But it seems to be easier to just build more 'freeways' til everything is filled up with roads and parking

  13. Jay Louis

    Jay Louis

    16 天 前

    Widening the freeway to ease commuting and promote commerce is not "state sanctioned violence'".

  14. Retired Manager

    Retired Manager

    16 天 前

    I grew up in Downey, it’s a nice city. Home prices are expensive. But living next to a freeway, breathing in car fumes, burnt rubber, Hearing traffic, Is most likely bad on long term health. Change is good, I moved to a beach community on a hill. The sky is blue, I was sick for a couple months as the junk in my lungs broke up from moving from LA. once that was over, I only go back to Downey for a couple restaurants I get cravings for. Everything happens for a reason. I wish the families living there the best. But remember the people dying from asbestos and other “safe” products that didn’t turn out to be so safe.

  15. Maria C.

    Maria C.

    17 天 前

    The area she is talking about isn’t poor , it’s a nice area . It would be difficult to find displaced families new homes . There is no need for a wider freeway.

  16. mush room

    mush room

    17 天 前

    The news can turn anything into a race thing now days smh

    • Official


      12 天 前

      Did you call me black because of my thumbnail ?

  17. John k

    John k

    17 天 前

    Some how I sensed this was about California before I even watched the video.

  18. justthefactsma'am:


    17 天 前

    I dont understand how this country goes on with "normal" life when our nation is in crisis

    • RaFari1119 Bee

      RaFari1119 Bee

      16 天 前

      All the World's a Stage i.e an Illusion ( HOPE )

  19. jane jan

    jane jan

    18 天 前

    the poor areas get taken out because they were probably already slated to be... that area was cheap for a reason.

  20. Modular Living

    Modular Living

    18 天 前

    Los Angeles is fill with traffic But no one wants changes, 🤷🏻‍♂️ Can everyone learn a lesson here? Buying home within 1,000 ft of any major road, may be sold by the city, state to improve your community. I believe it’s in your contract when you bought your home.

  21. TRAVIS E.


    18 天 前


  22. Adventures Inthebay

    Adventures Inthebay

    18 天 前

    To the “woke” broad: Do you really want generation after generation living next to the freeway and breathing in toxic fumes and developing lung cancer? That sounds more violent to me...

  23. George W Bush Center for Intelligence

    George W Bush Center for Intelligence

    18 天 前

    By the time this is done project might finish 2045 there will be no more gas cars sold in CA. When she says violence I hope she loses her house to imenent domain now that she open her mouth.

    • Modular Living

      Modular Living

      18 天 前

      Go Tesla 🙌🏼⚡️

  24. Lexie3Kismet


    18 天 前

    I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

    • Mr. Man man

      Mr. Man man

      18 天 前

      Me tooo

  25. Edward Hernandez

    Edward Hernandez

    18 天 前


  26. Taha Uddin

    Taha Uddin

    19 天 前

    Expanding freeways doesn't work, the traffic will stay the same. We're in the middle of a housing crisis and they're trying to destroy people's homes smh

    • Rolli Nia

      Rolli Nia

      18 天 前

      Not expanding the freeway much just adding a carpool lanes.

  27. cosmicVox13


    19 天 前

    Whaaaah !😢 That’s Life in the Big City ! It’s happened to many communities in the past, it will happen again. You’re Not Special !

  28. Douglas Morales

    Douglas Morales

    19 天 前

    poor planning and coordination.

  29. MMQ


    19 天 前

    They wanted to extend the 710 freeway from el sereno to Pasadena a project that would have wiped out hundreds if not thousands of homes. We spoke up, we fought against it, and no freeway extension has been built but I do see the beginnings of the project.

    • Adventures Inthebay

      Adventures Inthebay

      18 天 前

      The 710 will finally be completed one day as originally planned decades ago. It is inevitable.

    • Rolli Nia

      Rolli Nia

      18 天 前

      Homeless not happy if that happened as many of the homeless family currently living in these Caltran owned homes.



    19 天 前

    Blacktop Matters I guess?

  31. Haywood Jahblomy

    Haywood Jahblomy

    19 天 前

    I'm all for it!!!

    • Jose Moreno

      Jose Moreno

      19 天 前

      Cut them a check and the home owners go and move into the suburbs



    19 天 前

    Building a freeway is now racist 🤓

    • IAN m

      IAN m

      19 天 前

      Says the sock puppet account trying to divide Americans.

  33. Brain G

    Brain G

    19 天 前

    The area needs more walkable living options

    • cosmicVox13


      19 天 前

      It’s Los Angeles ! Not happening !