Neighbors Fight to Save Struggling Pizzeria in Larchmont | NBCLA

The storied and traditional pizzeria in Larchmont might have to close its doors, but not if patrons have anything to say about it. Darsha Philips reports for NBC LA at 8 p.m. Saturday Oct. 10, 2020.
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  1. Daniel Hew

    Daniel Hew

    13 天 前

    Service sector jobs will continues to disappear in the future. Thousands of jobs have relocated to other countries to avoid America wages

  2. Daniel Hew

    Daniel Hew

    13 天 前

    People refuse to listen to healthcare professionals advise to stay home, social distance and wear a mask. There will be disruption in food processing and logistics because of the riots and protesting. Communities need to protect their resources

  3. ANDREW Garcia

    ANDREW Garcia

    13 天 前

    This owner was in huell howser show...LV pizza expo episode. He was grumpy there about automation.

  4. Fnu Lnu

    Fnu Lnu

    13 天 前

    Check out the other news clip where he's screaming his head off at the DWP on the phone

    • Kurt W

      Kurt W

      11 天 前

      He’s a jerk irl

  5. Jeremy Coleman

    Jeremy Coleman

    14 天 前

    Thank Gavin

  6. Tiff Nidell

    Tiff Nidell

    14 天 前

    Village Pizza is the OG spot and their pizza's are always tasty. I hope the hop pulls through!

  7. Daryoush Sameyah

    Daryoush Sameyah

    14 天 前

    And how did the pizzeria owner and the concerned community members vote during the mayoral, gubernatorial, and presidential elections?

  8. Kurt W

    Kurt W

    14 天 前

    I'm happy to see this business close!! These are not nice people, at least not to me. You got what you deserved imo.

    • Vince Flores

      Vince Flores

      11 天 前

      Lol damn heartless

  9. Cerulean


    14 天 前

    Aww the rich in Hancock Park prefer Target and McDonalds

  10. Gail Palmer

    Gail Palmer

    14 天 前

    If you evict them nobody well rent. No money. So you'll be vacant for what. Need to help each other. Governors, Mayor's are worthless.

    • Muhammad Kafir

      Muhammad Kafir

      14 天 前

      They will just write it off, for tax purposes .

  11. ides of march

    ides of march

    14 天 前

    Didnt you get the Memo, Communists Hate Pizza. Enjoy the new Depression.