Herb Wesson and Holly Mitchell Debate: Part 1: LA County Sheriff's Dept. | NewsConference | NBCLA

It is a political race to fill one of the most influential seats in the nation, of a county larger than eight states - District 2 of the Los Angeles County of the Board of Supervisors. NBC4’s Conan Nolan moderates a debate between the candidates: Herb Wesson, Los Angeles City Councilman and former council president; and California Assembly Speaker, State Senator Holly Mitchell, chair of the Senate Budget Committee. First question: Should Sheriff Alex Villanueva resign? What about defunding law enforcement?
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  1. thenet0120002


    天 前

    Herb Wesson is a mess been running around changing office as he terms out to do the next job. This guy made millions with his pay to play politics . This guy should be headed to jail for obstruction and corruption. He never misses the moves of a true panderer . Never vote for him ever.

  2. That1CoolChick


    2 天 前

    I think I'm leaning more towards Holly. I mean, you can never truly trust politicians, but I appreciate her saying off top that Alex V. has gotta go rather than dancing around it, which I felt like Wesson did...but I could be wrong!

  3. bootsofescaping01


    12 天 前

    It is hard enough to get police who have done wrong out, so for him to bring back 3 of them...I remember that and it was a slap in the face to all Los Angelenos. He made a statement that he is going to do what he wants.

  4. Michael Carroll

    Michael Carroll

    14 天 前

    Watching these to decide who I will vote for

    • Synaca Gilmore

      Synaca Gilmore

      4 天 前

      Yeah...me too...neither one is worthy of my VOTE

    • marczaber10


      5 天 前


    • Donnymac


      13 天 前

      Same here.

  5. citizenY


    16 天 前

    Sheriff Alex V. A judge has ruled your actions unlawful. Go figure. DISSAPPEAR!

  6. Jose Rosa

    Jose Rosa

    16 天 前

    Sheriff Villanueva is not having our county look like Portland, Oregon or Seattle AKA CHAZZ, and for that I’m happy. These so called leaders don’t speak for me.

    • Synaca Gilmore

      Synaca Gilmore

      4 天 前

      I don't trust either one of these people...smh...anyone that use the word "REIMAGINE" when discussing our officers and deputies...THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS!...SMH Protest vote...WRITE YOUR OWN NAME IN...NOT THEIRS



      15 天 前

      Those crazy demorats want civil unrest so they can promise change when you vote