Police Pump Brakes on Crowded Car Show at Loma Linda Medical Center | NBCLA

The planned drive-thru event got out of control, leading to thousands showing up. Kim Tobin reported on Monday, Oct. 5, 2020.
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  1. TRAVIS E.


    18 天 前

    Apologies... They need to pay up for all the free top cop security... BS....

  2. TRAVIS E.


    18 天 前

    OH, GOD.... ALWAYS SO MUCH DRAMA..........

  3. fnovax


    19 天 前

    The church shoulda just said they're a BLM proteat

  4. Roxas 13

    Roxas 13

    20 天 前

    Most of those people are poor drivers and always have multiple accidents around these car shows because they can't control their vehicles. They trained at home watching fast an furious movies. They should get heavy fines

  5. Rob Lee

    Rob Lee

    20 天 前

    Yes good 😷👍🖐very 19!!!!! Nooo!!! Mines noo!

  6. cosmicVox13


    20 天 前

    Riots, ‘ in the middle of a pandemic ‘, however, are perfectly fine. What Malarkey !

    • Roxas 13

      Roxas 13

      20 天 前

      Riots are just as stupid. But these car shows are any easy target for cops. No one is scared of wanna be racers sobthays why its easy to shut them down vs an angry mob.

  7. D-Base Rox

    D-Base Rox

    20 天 前

    :( FUN POLICe stickes AGAIN

  8. UberMikeSocal


    20 天 前

    Congratulations idiots. Way to keep us all inside on lockdown even more, but who cares? Look at my stupid car!